Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Hunger Games Casting!

The movie is really coming together with an all-star cast. As we all know Jennifer Lawrence will play the beloved Katniss and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. If you have not seen them on the big screen yet, check out Jennifer in Winters Bone and Josh in The Kids Are Alright. Liam Hemsworth will be Gale Hawthorne, known for his role in The Last Song. We now have all 12 District’s tributes casted! Gary Ross seriously has his head down and working his hardest to start production! You may recognize a few of the tribute’s faces. Of District 1, Glimmer is Levin Rambin who most recently played in One Tree Hill, but was previously on a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. If you have seen her in either of these series, I am sure you all will agree she will make a perfect Glimmer! Marvel will be played by Jack Quaid, Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan’s son! Isabelle Fuhrman, the star of the movie Orphan will be Clove of District 2. As well as Alexander Ludwig as Cado. He was in Race to Witch Mountain, but you may also have seen him in the contestant feeds to play Jace Wayland. We are going to see several fresh face newcomers as well as several stunt actors/actresses for the remaining Districts, along with Prim and Mrs. Everdeen.

Now on to the more exciting news! Elizabeth Banks will play Effie Trinket. She could not be more perfect for the part! She has played in several movies and TV series such as Scrubs, 40 Year Old Virgin and Zack and Miri Make a Porno, to name a few. Woody Harrelson will be Haymitch Abernathy. You have to recognize him! If you are as old as me, you have seen him in Cheers or more recently in Zombieland. Stanley Zucci will be our Hunger Games host, Caesar Flickerman. His former roles include The Devil Wears Prada, Easy A and many more. Like I said we are getting an all-star cast that I could not be more excited about!!

March 23rd, 2012 you cannot come any sooner!!!!

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