Traveling Book

Ok, I have a type of "scrap book" that I want to send traveling! It's kind of like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! I am going to sign it, take a photo of myself and the book (at the bookstore, with my favorite book, in a funny pose, or whatever) and then mail it to the next person on the list who will do the same! Let's see how far our book can travel!

When you get the book...

2. Sign and date it.

3. Write a little something (not too much so there's room for everyone!)

4. You must have access to a camera! Either digital, film, throw away, whatever. Take a photo and tape it in next to your siggy. If you can, crop it to save room for others! (Also, you MUST post your pic (link to it) in the Share Your Experience thread with your city and state so we can follow the book's journey as it goes! This is where it is more convenient to have a digital camera. If not, scan the photo!)

5. Take as many pictures as you want of you and the book in different places. Take it to tourist attractions, school (don't get it confiscated!), Pizza Hut, wherever! Take pictures and label them on the back with your name, city, state, date, and location, then add them to the mailing envelope when you mail the book off. Only tape one photo inside the book next to your siggy. Put the rest in the envelope with the book. DON'T FORGET TO LABEL THEM!

6. Feel free to decorate the book a bit or add something to customize it with your mark. Put a sticker on it. Glue on a bottle cap. Whatever! But remember to leave room for others to do the same!

Special Rules!
1. Don't be a jerk. Please don't ruin this. This kind of project takes a lot of trust. Someone could lose it, keep it, destroy it to be mean, etc. Please don't. I eventually want this book back! So please, only sign up if you have a good heart and are trustworthy!

2. Don't sign up if you don't think you will have the money to ship it to the next destination! The book weighs about a pound I'd say. It may get heavier as people add to it. It should never be more than a few dollars to ship. If for some reason it becomes too expensive for the next person (doubtful) let me know and I will take care of it!

3. NEVER KEEP THE BOOK FOR MORE THAN A WEEK! Try not to have it even that long. There are other people waiting.

4. If we ever happen to reach the end of the list, ship it back to me and I will hold onto it until more people sign up. Then I will send it out again.


6. The address issue... I know some people are concerned about giving out their address. Understandable. If you are, don't sign up. Only one person will know your mailing address and that is the person BEFORE you on the list. It is your responsibility to communicate with each other! If the person next on the list cannot be reached by the last day of your week, contact the next person, and LET ME KNOW! I need to know where the book is headed at all times. This project is my baby. Please help me take care of it!

7. Email/message me once you have shipped the book with the date it was mailed and the name, city and state of the person you sent it to. Do not disclose their full address for privacy reasons.

Again, PLEASE don't ruin this once you get it! I'm really trusting you guys with it and I do want it back once it's full, or the end of the list has been reached!

You MUST get a parent's permission to participate if you are under 18! No acceptions. You have to give someone your address, so make sure you get permission FIRST!!

Click here to sign up!

If you have ANY questions, PLEASE ask before you sign up!!

*** Update- Ok, we have had some interest from outside the US. Prices to ship outside the US vary around $10 to $15. If this is too high for you, mail it back to me and I will send it to the next destination! ***

*** I will ship the book to the first person as soon as we have 10 people on the list! ***