Q. How do you rate your reviews?

A. We use a standard star rating to rate the books we review. They are as follows:

  • 5 Stars - Outstanding (Highly recommended, and would probably read again. Must get ASAP!)
  • 4 Stars - Very good (Would recommend to most. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Put it on your list!)
  • 3 Stars - Good (Not a stand out performance, but worth the read. Pick it up if you come across it.)
  • 2 Stars - OK (Had trouble finishing. Won't read again. Wouldn't recommend it.)
  • 1 Star - Bad (DO NOT recommend it. Probably couldn't finish it. Don't waist your time.)

Q. Do your reviews contain spoilers?

A. We try our best to avoid spoilers in our reviews. After all, we are most likely trying to encourage you to read the books we review, unless they are rated poorly! However, often times spoilers are given away in the book summary that is posted along with the review! Because of this, it may be best to skip the summary and just read our review, if you plan on reading the book.